دانلود مقاله لاتین در مورد حکایت هایی از حسابرسان

دانلود مقاله لاتین در مورد حکایت هایی از حسابرسان

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ترجمه عنوان مقالهحکایت هایی از حسابرسان: مطالبی که ما از حسابرسی آندوسکوپ آموختیم
عنوان انگلیسی مقالهTales from the auditors: What we learned from endoscope auditing
انتشارمقاله سال ۲۰۲۰
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مجله مجله آمریکایی کنترل عفونت – American Journal of Infection Control
کلمات کلیدیپردازش آندوسکوپ، کیفیت؛ نظارت بر کیفیت آندوسکوپ
کلمات کلیدی انگلیسیEndoscope processing, quality; Endoscope quality monitoring
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فهرست مطالب مقاله:
AbstractKey Words

۱٫ Key learning points




بخشی از متن مقاله:

Endoscope auditing is unique from other types of auditing normally completed as part of ongoing quality initiatives. When auditors walk into an endoscopy processing area, they are confronted with a variety of complex processes generally packed into a small space. Auditors are challenged to become experts on the processes they are evaluating, and must stay current with changes in practice and equipment. In our 10 years of endoscope processing assessments completed by infection prevention and accreditation staff, we learned a great deal regarding how to approach auditing and interact with staff to improve the quality of endoscope processing.


۱٫ Never audit a “clean” scope. It is important to identify a time to audit when you know the service area is open and has patients scheduled. This will increase the likelihood of observing the entire process from point-of-use cleaning through storage. You will gain an accurate picture of their process, versus if you ask an employee to demonstrate how to clean a scope that is already in clean storage. We have experienced this, and staff will generally walk through the steps in a high-level overview. If you inquire about a missed step, the popular response is, “Yes, of course I would do that if I was actually cleaning a scope.” Having staff demonstrate the process on a soiled endoscope assures that you are auditing the actual process and not just a hypothetical demonstration.


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