دانلود پاورپوینت انگلیسی جیمز استرلینگ

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دانلود پاورپوینت انگلیسی جیمز استرلینگ

دانلود پاورپوینت انگلیسی جیمز استرلینگ

James Stirling (22 April 1926 in Glasgow– 25 June 1992 in London)

was a British architect considered to be among the most important and influential architects of the second half of the 20th century.

He is perhaps best known as one of architects who subverted the compositional and theoretical precepts of the first Modern Movement.

His success lay in his ability to incorporate these encyclopedic references subtly, within a strong and muscular, very decisive architecture of strong, confident gestures that aimed to remake urban form.

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