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sir James Frazer Stirling

  • James Stirling (22 April 1926 in Glasgow– 25 June 1992 in London)
  • was a British architect considered to be among the most important and influential architects of the second half of the 20th century.
  • He is perhaps best known as one of architects who subverted the compositional and theoretical precepts of the first Modern Movement.
  • His success lay in his ability to incorporate these encyclopedic references subtly, within a strong and muscular, very decisive architecture of strong, confident gestures that aimed to remake urban form.
  • After wartime service, Stirling studied arcitecture from 1945 until 1950 at the University of Liverpool, where Colin Rowe was his teacher.
  • In 1956 he and James Gowan left their positions to set up a practice as Stirling and Gowan.
  • Their first built project – the ‘Flats at Ham Common’ (1955-58) – were regarded as a landmark in the development of ‘brutalist‘ residential architecture.

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