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یک عکس بسیار زیبا از استاد علی خیابانیان، استاد دوست داشتنی معماری که من به شخصه خودم عاشقشم… کارهای آتیله طرح یکی که پشت سرشون هست واقعا عالی هستش.. متاسفانه اطلاعات فارسی توی اینترنت از زندگینامه  ایشون نتونستم پیدا کنم و به مطلب زیر اکتفا میکنم.

Academic member of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Brach.

Head of Interdiscipline Design Office.

– Master of Architecture, Spring 2004, IA-Tabriz University (IAUT)
– M. Sc. courses and thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Vahid Shahli Amini: “The Modern Art Museum of Tabriz”, a research on The art of 20th century and modern temporary movements …:
– High School Diploma – Mathematics and physics, 1997.


Area of Interest:

–      History and Theory of Architecture.

–      Principles of Research in Architectural Design & Digital Architecture.

–      The Moving Image between Art and Architecture

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office 2010, AutoCad 2d & 3d, Adobe Photoshop Cs5, Adobe after effect Cs4, 3ds Max 2012, Adobe premiere Cs4.

Work Experience:
– Researcher at the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization and making 25 restoration designs for the Organization (for more than 300 years old buildings of Iran) in the office of “Pegah-e Fanavaran”, these designs are now accepted as the restoration program of those buildings (They are located in Kohkiloye and Boyer Ahmad province in Iran), 1999-2000.
– Member of design team, Farazab Consulting Engineers, 2001-2003.
– Personal office (Dena Beton), 2003-2005.

   – Member of Board of Editors of “Architecture Urbanism News Agency” (ARUNA), 2005, ISSN: 1735 – 5222,  www.aruna.ir

   – Member of Board of Editors of “Nagshe No” (weekly on architecture), 2006

   – Member of Board of Editors of “Sanat Sakhtoman Daris” (Monthly on architecture), 2005-2007

– Personal office, IDU (interdiscipline design universe), 2007



   Painting & Poetry:

   – Dancing Shadows, winter 2004, ISBN: 964 – 7959 – 08 -7.

   – Leila & Rain man, summer 2008, ISBN: 978-964-04-2324-0.


 – The role of Creativity in Design Process1, 2009.

– The role of Creativity in Design Process2, 2010.

– Conceptual Sketches in architecture, 2011.

– The role of Creativity in Design Process3 (Parametric Architecture), 2012.

– Line & Color in Architecture (Collection of student’s Sketches), January 2013.


Essay & Research:

  – Gongah square, printed in “Hamshahri” Iranian Daily Newspaper, No.3443, 20July 2004.

  – Collection of digital paintings, printed in “Tandis Art Biweekly” No.37, Nov 2004.

  – A pyramid for peace “Norman Foster” translated & printed in “Hamshahri” (Iranian Daily Newspaper), March 2005.

  -The mysteries of space & surface “the architectural critic of Herzog & de Meuron’s works” printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” (Iranian Monthly on Architecture & engineering), No.29-30, March 2005.

  – Minimalism in Architecture, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” (Iranian Monthly on Architecture & engineering), No.29-30, March 2005.

  – Conceptual Art, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.31, May 2005.

  – Robert Slutzky “architect, painter & author” printed in “Hamshahri” (Iranian Daily Newspaper), No.3698, 15may 2005.

  – ModernArt   Museum“a master’s thesis” printed in “Sakhteman va Computer” (Iranian Monthly on Architecture & engineering), No.7, May 2005.

  – Cement, printed in “Hamshahri” Jun 2005.

  – The historical view of square, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.33, Jul 2005.

  – The architectural critic of “Fridrich Hundertwasser” Austrian Architect, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.34, Aug 2005.

  – A critic of Iranian Architectural Publication, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3775, Aug 2005.

  –  Criticizing of Hyper Technocrat of 21st century, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3781,23Aug 2005.

  – Toward a New Collectivistic culture, printed in “Hamshahri”24Aug 2005.

  – Deconstruction is not enough, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3816,4Oct 2005.

  – Cheap Dwelling, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3816,4Oct 2005.

  – Take Care of Butterfly (A not on the problems of homelessness), printed in “Hamshahri” No.3822,11Oct 2005.

– A Perspective to metamorphism from the contextual described milieu to the metaphorical place, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.37, Nov 2005.

  – The challenge of Architectural way of Thinking, printed in “Hamshahri”22Nov 2005.

– To Deconstruct in an Architectural Manner (Peter Eisenman), Translated & Printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.38, Dec 2005.

  – Urban Design, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3885,27Dec 2005.

  – Looking for a local up today Architecture in Persian Architecture, printed in “Hamshahri”6Apr 2006.

  – Hamam “Persian Bathroom” an approach to domestic architecture, Printed in “Decorasion-e- Dakheliy Daris, (Iranian Monthly on Interior Design), No 1, Apr 2006.

  – Color & Space, printed in “Hamshahri”3May 2006.

  – Color in Interior Design, Printed in “Decorasion-e-Dakheliy Daris”, No 2, May 2006.

  – Lack up Supportive Atmosphere in Persian Contemporary Architecture, printed in “Negshe No” (Iranian Weekly on Architecture, Urbanism & Art), No 2,10Aug 2006.

  -Industrial & Environment, printed in “Negshe No”, No 6,14Sep 2006.

  – “Architectural Thinking, Think full Architecture”, printed in “Negshe No”, No 8,3Oct 2006.

  – Interview Kourush Rafie (Architecture & Painter), printed in “Negshe No”, No 12,12 Nov 2006.

  – Sustainable House in Iran’s Desert, Ali Khiabanian, Mohammad jodeiri abbasi, J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res, 2(9)8877- 8885, 2012, TextRoad Publication

Conferences and Lectures:

–      The Role of Creativity in Architectural Education, Bonab Azad University, Congress on Architecture and Design Education, Bonab, Iran, 2007.

–      Sustainable house in Iran’s desert, Ali Khiabanian, Mahsa Bolouri, International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCI-2010), Gazimagusa – N. Cyprus, 15-17 September, 2010

–      The Role of Creativity in Architecture, Sama university, Tabriz, 2010

–      From Sketch to Architecture, Sama University, Tabriz, December 2012.


–      World Architecture Community Awards 2. Cycle, Trade center of Iran national industries, 2008.

    –     Portal of Tabriz University, Second Prize, Spring, 2008

source: www.iduarchitects.com.

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